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I wish to donate to Project Nanhi Kali.

For millions of economically disadvantaged girls across India, education is the only medium to grow, learn, play and realise their full potential. Project Nanhi Kali works not only to ensure that girls get access to quality education, but also enables them to complete 10 years of schooling with dignity.

With my contribution, I can give a girl(s) the opportunity to rewrite her future. She will be provided with 360-degree support which will include daily academic support and school supplies kit (dignity kit) while enabling a conducive girl-friendly ecosystem around them.

I am aware that from every donation, only 5% of the funds are retained by the charity for administrative, marketing and fund-raising costs; the remaining 95% is utilised exclusively towards the project expenses.

As a guardian, I will have access to the profile of my Nanhi Kali along with her photograph and regular progress reports.

Annual Sponsorship SchemeNo of Nanhi Kali(s)No of YearsTotal AmountTotal   
Primary Education (Grade 1-5) @ USD 78 Add
Secondary Education (Grade 6-10) @ USD 84 Add
  Current Total    
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